Brands I Love: Bibico

One of the best things about wearing something home-sewn is that you know it hasn’t been made by poorly paid workers in terrible – and in some cases unsafe – working conditions. This is why I also love to buy from ethical brands where I can. Fairtrade fashion has come a long way in recent years; thanks to endorsement by celebs like Emma Watson (who had her own clothing line for ethical fashion pioneers People Tree a few years ago) it is becoming more mainstream, and there are a multitude of exciting boutiques out there that prove buying ethical doesn’t have to mean forgoing the latest looks. Continue reading “Brands I Love: Bibico”


Review: Minxy Vintage by Kelly Doust

Despite being somewhat sewing obsessed, I don’t actually own that many craft-related books, so I was pretty pleased when my lovely workmates presented me with this book for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Kelly Doust has been scouring vintage markets and shops for years and has written several books on craft and fashion. Her latest, Minxy Vintage, is for people who love browsing flea markets, vintage boutiques and charity shops, but don’t always buy – perhaps because the dress/blouse/jumper needs mending, has a stain, or just looks a little dated. This book – and Kelly’s impressive collection of beautiful vintage pieces pictured within it – shows that restoring vintage items really is worth the effort. Continue reading “Review: Minxy Vintage by Kelly Doust”

Sailor Sorbetto

A while ago I was lucky enough to win some amazing nautical-print fabric from Vicki Kate Makes (thanks Vicki). I originally had a vintage pattern in mind for it, but just couldn’t resist the simplicity of the Sorbetto pattern (I have a feeling this won’t be the last Sorbetto I make!). Continue reading “Sailor Sorbetto”