Are you a plan-way-in-advance kind of stitcher, or do you prefer to dive straight into projects as soon as they spring to mind?

I’ve managed to finish two of my #makesix2018 list so far (I know it’s supposed to be #makenine, but six is way more achievable with the amount of sewing time I have – or don’t – at the moment) and this spotty blouse is one of them. I’m not really loving feeling like my year of sewing is all mapped out, though. I’ve realised I’m definitely a short-burst kind of sewer, but this way of sewing does mean you can end up working on the same project for quite a while – which in turn sometimes means getting bored of the sight of it, and that’s especially true of projects that have been sat on my to-make pile for a long time. Continue reading “Bea-utiful”