Are you a plan-way-in-advance kind of stitcher, or do you prefer to dive straight into projects as soon as they spring to mind?

I’ve managed to finish two of my #makesix2018 list so far (I know it’s supposed to be #makenine, but six is way more achievable with the amount of sewing time I have – or don’t – at the moment) and this spotty blouse is one of them. I’m not really loving feeling like my year of sewing is all mapped out, though. I’ve realised I’m definitely a short-burst kind of sewer, but this way of sewing does mean you can end up working on the same project for quite a while – which in turn sometimes means getting bored of the sight of it, and that’s especially true of projects that have been sat on my to-make pile for a long time. Continue reading “Bea-utiful”


Sewing kit new-in

I’m currently struggling to get over the cringe-factor of posting photos of myself on the internet, which means that although I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately (hurrah!) I haven’t actually got any photographic evidence of it.

So, while I attempt to cure my blog-photo shyness (is there even a cure for that?) I thought I’d share a few new sewing bits and bobs I’ve added to my stash lately. I’m not usually one for buying lots of sewing gadgets, but these ones landed on my desk at work and I couldn’t resist giving them a road-test. None of these are affiliate links/ads – just products I’ve tried and liked! Continue reading “Sewing kit new-in”

Sewing more thoughtfully

When I started sewing, it was just something fun to fill the odd spare afternoon. I never imagined it would become such a big part of my life, influencing everything from how I spend my spare time (sewing, obviously) to how I shop.

I’ve never really been into fast fashion – if I love an item of clothing, I’ll wear it until it falls apart – and now that I sew a lot of my own clothes I rarely shop. Recently, though, I’ve been starting to think about sewing as another form of consumption. Continue reading “Sewing more thoughtfully”