Brands I Love: Bibico

One of the best things about wearing something home-sewn is that you know it hasn’t been made by poorly paid workers in terrible – and in some cases unsafe – working conditions. This is why I also love to buy from ethical brands where I can. Fairtrade fashion has come a long way in recent years; thanks to endorsement by celebs like Emma Watson (who had her own clothing line for ethical fashion pioneers People Tree a few years ago) it is becoming more mainstream, and there are a multitude of exciting boutiques out there that prove buying ethical doesn’t have to mean forgoing the latest looks.

Having said that, one of my favourite ethical clothing lines is Bibico, a brand that can’t really be called fashion-forward (I hate that term anyway) but is well worth a look – its pieces are so delightfully simple and timelessly stylish. You’ll find all the wardrobe stables you could possibly need on their website, from boyfriend cardis and smart shirts to pretty dresses and city shorts. Here are a few of my favourite pieces on sale pieces on the site at the moment.

They’ve also just launched their autumn collection – I’ve already fallen for this cosy striped jumper, this check shirt dress  and this super-comfy cardi.

Colette DressLina Garden DressMed Day Dress

Boyfriend CardiAran Maxi CardiOn Board Cardi


Bonjour Soleil Shorts – Broderie Shirt


5 thoughts on “Brands I Love: Bibico

  1. The beautiful part of styles like these is that you never have to be overly concerned about making a good impression. They are simple yet pleasing and work well with many figure types.

  2. These are all very lovely little styles – sort of sweetly old fashioned but not, if you know what I mean. You are right about the ethical issues, but I think it is not just the fact that people in third world countries are being mistreated, but also that we are too conditioned to consume without giving any thought to what we are buying. One plus is that as the women in third world countries do earn a wage, they are able to move out of poverty. So it is very tricky. Of course, many factories in some countries are run as prisons, and the women physically, emotionally and spiritually abused. Horrible to think of us just gaily buying something that makes us feel good when this is the truth behind it.

  3. Never heard of this brand but I’ll definitely check it out! that on board cardi is fabulous!!! thanks for posting!

  4. I love that these ethical clothes are so stylish and trendy. They could be designs from any high-street retailer! Also they have loads of choice on their website. Thanks for posting :-)

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