Sewing Expectations VS Sewing Realities…

Sewists are a creative bunch, and that’s a great thing. But it can mean that we get a bit, well, ahead of ourselves when it comes to our sewing expectations. So, in the style of that roof party scene in 500 Days of Summer, I present a rather silly list of sewing expectations versus sewing realities…

Expectation: I’ll just quickly pop into the fabric shop for some thread. Reality: You emerge over an hour later with at least six metres of fabric in tow and a severely depleted bank balance.

Expectation: On my next project, I’ll be really, really careful not to drop any pins. Reality: I’m sure I didn’t just drop a pin…did I?

Expectation: Of course I’ll have time to make 10 dresses before my summer holiday. In three weeks’ time. Reality: Who needs 10 new dresses anyway? One is more than enough *sobs*.

Expectation: I’m definitely NOT going to leave bits of thread and fabric all over the carpet this time. Reality: I’ll just quickly snip these loose threads and hope they somehow disappear without me having to get the hoover out.

Expectation: I’m going to be ultra-organised and get all my sewing kit ready before I start. Reality: WHERE THE HELL IS MY TAPE MEASURE?

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