You go, Coco

You’ve definitely seen many, many, many versions of Tilly’s Coco pattern – and here’s another! I know, I’m super late to the party. But I think the party is very much still in full swing, so maybe I’m just fashionably late. And fashionable is definitely how I feel wearing my new Coco, darling (what a segue! If I do say so myself).

I haven’t sewn with jersey fabric for a few years, but as I’m now exclusively wearing stretchy fabrics for the foreseeable it just had to happen. And, you know what? I enjoyed it, unexpectedly. I had a bad experience with sewing jersey fabrics and it put me off, but I guess I am (sadly) older and (thankfully) wiser now.

I just really enjoyed taking my time over it to get it right (I mean, lockdown has given us all the luxury of time, right? So. Much. Time). I used a twin needle for topstitching, stitched clear elastic into the seams so they won’t stretch out, and – my personal favourite new discovery – used Vlieseline Stretchfix tape to stabilise the hems before topstitching them in place.

Any fears you might have about wobbly, wavy jersey hems need not apply with this magical stuff. And, as my Coco has been through the wash a few times (because I can’t stop wearing it), I can confirm it washes well too.

Although this is 100% comfy lockdown wear, I’ll definitely be able to dress it up whenever we’re allowed outside into the world where other people are again. I’m thinking that a faux leather skirt (ahh, remember skirts!), heeled boots (ahh, remember boots!), and a glass of wine at a nice bar will be the perfect accompaniments. One day, Coco, one day.

Pattern: I mean, do I even need to tell you? It’s Coco by Tilly and the Buttons, in case you somehow didn’t know about this Insta fave.

Pattern alterations: I shortened the length, as usual (although I left the sleeve length as is, because I like cosy long sleeves in the winter. I’m one step away from making a thumb hole in the seam, school sweatshirt-style).

Fabric: Zebra rust jersey from Like Sew Amazing.

Sewing soundtrack: The I May Destroy You soundtrack. Probably one of the best series I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it RIGHT NOW (TW: it covers sexual assault and consent).


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