A new season (and a not-so-new name) at Duo Boots

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since my first blogger evening at Duo Boots in Bath – and, impressively considering the rate at which I seem to ruin shoes (I do a lot of walking), I still wear and love that very first pair of Duos. Continue reading “A new season (and a not-so-new name) at Duo Boots”


The skin saviour

I’m back! Not sure how it happened, but it’s been 3 months since my last post. It’s really easy not to blog, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve got a couple of finished makes to share with you soon, but for now I’m talking skincare.

I’ve had every skin problem in the book – spots, dry patches, sensitivity, redness – and over the years I’ve tried about a million products. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t (and some of them gave me an allergic reaction), and lots sort-of-worked, but not quite enough to justify re-buying. My latest try-it-and-see purchase, though, is definitely one I’ll be purchasing again.

My skin was the best it’s ever been when I was using an organic face oil (I also happened to be 21 at the time, but let’s not dwell too much on that). No spots, no redness, no dry bits. Unfortunately, though, that particular brand no longer exists (yes, it was that long ago) and I’ve since tried a few disappointing oils that just haven’t lived up to that first one.

Still with that first miracle face oil in my mind, I decided to give it one more go and added a bottle of A’kin rosehip oil to my basket at Holland & Barrett (not an affiliate link/ad – I just shop there all the time). How to use face oilI wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, but after a couple of weeks of using it, it really has worked a treat. The redness has calmed down a lot, my skin feels more hydrated and, to me at least, it looks noticably better – so much so that I’ve even gone outside into the big wide world make-up free and didn’t feel like a blotchy, spotty mess.

I’m not going to lie – because this is a natural product with no fragrances added, the smell is a little, erm, weird. Not get-this-stuff-off-my-face-now-horrible, just a bit unusual. But I got used to it after a few days and now don’t really notice it at all.

Despite being an oil, it’s not too greasy and works well with other products – I like to wear it at night, along with a tiny bit of my usual Sanctuary Spa night cream (again, not an affiliate link), to give it time to sink into my skin, but it’s great under make-up, too – just make sure you only use a small drop.

I’ve read that rosehip oil has anti-ageing benefits, but obviously only time will tell with that one (perhaps I’ll do a follow-up post in ten years’ time). It has helped with a few annoying skin issues, though, so is a winner with me (and means I’ll happily overlook that slightly odd aroma…).



New year, new skincare

Happy New Year all! I’m not usually one for making New Year’s resolutions, but, as I’ll be reaching the big 3-0 this year (eek!), I think making more of an effort with skincare might be one of mine for 2017.

I’ve never been ultra fussy when it comes to choosing skincare products – usually my only criteria is that they have to be natural, or at least contain some natural ingredients, and free from parabens and other nasties. So I was intrigued to find out more about a new-to-me brand called iS Clinical, a cosmeceutical skincare line that uses pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients, at a blogger event held at Bristol’s S-Thetics Clinic in Queen Square at the end of last year. Continue reading “New year, new skincare”

A Fairytale Fit at Ted & Muffy in Bath

When much-loved brands get a makeover it’s not always for the better, but this isn’t so for shoe boutique Ted & Muffy. Duo was known for its excellent fit and beautiful quality – just check out my post from their blogger event last year to see what I mean – and while I’m sure many will be sad to see it go, its latest incarnation as Ted & Muffy is an exciting one. Ted & Muffy is Duo’s cool, stylish sister – like Duo, it offers a vast range of calf and width fittings (and size 35s for my little feet, hurrah!), but there are edgier styles as well as the classics Duo was known for which makes for a more interesting collection, with flashes of cherry red, cobalt blue, metallics and animal print. Continue reading “A Fairytale Fit at Ted & Muffy in Bath”

A #HillarysCrafternoon

Now I’m certainly no stranger to upcycling old clothes, but I haven’t really ventured into repurposing furniture or homewares much, mostly because I spend most of my free time at my sewing machine. So I couldn’t turn down an invite to a crafternoon run by Hillarys Blinds and Joe Blogs, in which a bunch of crafty bloggers were set a challenge to upcycle pretty wooden shutters using Annie Sloan chalk paint. Throw Kilner jars (and coffee and yummy sandwiches!) into the mix and that’s pretty much my idea of a perfect afternoon. Continue reading “A #HillarysCrafternoon”