Perfect Pinning

I view pins in a love-hate, can’t-live-with-them can’t-live-without-them kind of way; on one hand, they are pretty darn useful for attaching one piece of fabric to another. On the other, they are also very good at stabbing me in the thumb.

However, since buying these pretty heart-topped pins I have had a much more harmonious relationship with my pointy friends – after all, the fun colours make them far more difficult to lose, and thus far less likely to embed themselves in my foot after being lost in the carpet. Always a bonus. Here’s my pick of all things pin-related (with plenty of bright hues to make them easy to spot).

1 Button pin cushion from Not On the High Street 2 Adorable mini thread pins from Etsy 3 Cute apple pin toppers on Etsy 4 Yet more sweet pin-toppers – this time with little toadstools! 5 Love Cath Kidston’s sewing range – including this heart-shaped pin tin 6 Handy sewing jar from John Lewis – with the added bonus of a pin cushion in the lid – clever. 7 Crane pins from Etsy – I’d be far more careful not to lose my pins if they looked like these.


3 thoughts on “Perfect Pinning

  1. Those crane pins are heavenly! I also really love the mushroom ones… I think I know what I’m going to be getting for Christmas now!

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