Bristol Fashion Week with MIC’s Lucy Watson

Moving house is not a very glamorous task, what with all the packing, sorting and cleaning there is to be done, so heading to a Bristol Fashion Week show provided a welcome (and rather stylish) break from it all. On a sunny Thursday I headed over to Cribbs Causeway to catch one of the South West’s biggest fashion events. Made in Chelsea is a guilty pleasure for me, so it was quite fun to see Lucy Watson in person, if only from quite a few rows back – she presented the show along with Lorraine stylist Mark Heyes. Continue reading “Bristol Fashion Week with MIC’s Lucy Watson”

Perfect Pinning

I view pins in a love-hate, can’t-live-with-them can’t-live-without-them kind of way; on one hand, they are pretty darn useful for attaching one piece of fabric to another. On the other, they are also very good at stabbing me in the thumb. Continue reading “Perfect Pinning”