April Rhodes Sewing Patterns

April Rhodes Sewing PatternsApril Rhodes Sewing PatternsRiding Peplum & Party Dress

The weather has turned rather autumnal already in the UK, meaning I’m stuck in a mid-season wardrobe quandary – if I layer up, I get hot and flustered within five minutes of leaving the house, but if I head out in just a blouse I end up shivering. Everything in my wardrobe is either too summery and looks wrong with a jacket, or too wintery and hot-flush-inducing. Thus, I am in one of those moods where I hate almost every item in my wardrobe, which I think means it is time to get sewing some new pieces.

There are so many fabulous indie patterns on the market that it can be so hard to choose which to try first, but when I saw these lovely patterns by April Rhodes I knew I had found my next project. April Rhodes Sewing PatternsThe Staple Dress

On her website April says her dream is to make patterns that are simple, quick and easy to sew, which, quite frankly, is music to my ears – at the moment I want to fill my wardrobe with lovely new me-made clothes, so speedy sewing projects are just what I need.

I’m a big fan of the riding peplum and party dress pattern – I love both garments’ modern style, relaxed fit and flattering, body-skimming shape, and the fact they will suit a wide variety of fabrics; the dress could be made with a bright, cheerful print for summer, or in a plain black or navy fabric to wear with a cardi and boots in the autumn and winter.

Now I’ve found some lovely new patterns to work with, I’m rather looking forward to autumn – what are your new-season sewing plans?


3 thoughts on “April Rhodes Sewing Patterns

  1. I’m having the ‘I hate everything I own’ issue every morning. This weather is making it tricky to get dressed without looking like I got dressed in the dark! I’m rocking the blouse, skirt and huge scarf these days – I wish it’d just sort itself out!

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