Leopard Print + Fur

To paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw, I’ve never been the girl who can wear white and not spill on it – I even got curry sauce on my back once when wearing a white vest top. No, I don’t know how either. So I’m not really sure what possessed me to head to the Dorothy Perkins till with this cream-coloured fluffy coat in hand. It might be something to do with how darn soft and fluffy it is – I feel a bit like a baby polar bear in it, which is no bad thing I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now, can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable these fluffy earmuffs are? Along with doing all the usual earmuff things, like look cute and keep your ears warm, they are also, rather handily, headphones as well. These were sent to me by Three Mobile to celebrate the launch of the IOS8 update and the new iPhone 6, and I must say I was slightly dubious as to what the sound quality would be like, what with there being a layer of fluff between the music and my ears, but I was really impressed with them. The sound quality is great and they look good too, making them ideal for the winter commute.

Winter StyleFur Coat & Ear MuffsEar Muff HeadphonesWinter LookLeopard Print TopGlittery Boots

Top Handmade April Rhodes Peplum Top Jeans Topshop (similar here) Coat Dorothy Perkins Boots Shusole on Ebay Cat Earrings Catkin Boutique Necklace c/o Mink & Stone Earmuffs KitSound Audio Earmuffs c/o Three Mobile

I wore my fluffy coat and earmuffs with my latest make – another version of the April Rhodes peplum dress, this time made as a top in a leopard print chiffon fabric. Unfortunately, as it was rather chilly, I didn’t get many good shots of the top on its own without me looking like I’m shivering and cold (I don’t know how some of these fashion bloggers do it) apart from one of me walking away, so you’ll have to imagine what it looks like from the front.

If you look closely at the fourth shot, you’ll spot my new favourite earrings from Catkin Boutique, bought at the Made in Bristol Christmas gift fair at Colston Hall. Every piece is handmade from creator Nicky’s own wonderful illustrations, which are mostly of animals. I went for these sweet cat earrings, but was also tempted by the squirrel earrings as well. Definitely a great gift idea for an animal-loving friend.

You may also spy that I’m wearing the necklace I created on jewellery designing platform Mink & Stone for their blogger challenge a few weeks ago. I’ve worn my creation a lot since receiving it last week – including to my office Christmas party, along with the bargain glittery booties I’m also wearing in these photos – and I’ve found it looks great dressed up or down.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, and Happy Sewing! x


4 thoughts on “Leopard Print + Fur

  1. Those fluffy headphones sound awesome, and I especially love them with your fluffy coat! I love white, but I am similarly terrified of white bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts, etc) because I just know I will sit in something haha! I did spill on my favorite white dress earlier this year and I am still hoping to magically clean it… Adorable outfit! :)

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