March on Instagram

March on Instagram

1. Pastry. Enough said. 2. Amazing burgers from Three Brothers Burgers. 3. My Simplicity Blogger Challenge pattern. 4. New pieces added to my jewellery collection from Bloody Mary Metal. 5. Outfit details from Bristol Fashion Week.

March was rather hectic for me so I didn’t have too much time for snapping. I moved house last week, and packing all my stuff up took about a month. I just seem to have a lot of stuff – books, shoes, sewing equipment, the list goes on. Please tell me there’s someone else out there with as much stuff as me? My boyfriend was rather smug about the fact he only had a couple of bags to pack.

I’m really looking forward to finally getting stuck into Simplicity’s blogger challenge, which is looking for star sewists from three different categories: dressmaking, vintage and beginner. I’m entering the dressmaking category and am finding it rather tricky to narrow down my ideas to just one, let alone deciding on the fabric.

I was lucky enough to nab a blogger pass to Bristol Fashion Week last week and wore my favourite Duo Boots, new DKNY bag and biker jacket from New Look, as well as a recent finished project which I’ll hopefully share soon. I really enjoyed getting inspiration from the collections on show and it was quite exciting to see MIC’s Lucy Watson from afar. Yep, she is as posh in real life.


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