Farm Life

I grew up in Somerset and I have to admit that I never truly appreciated its picturesque countryside when I lived there. I often bemoaned the lack of things to do (i.e. shops), and complained no end whenever it was suggested we go on a Sunday afternoon walk.

Ironically, going on a stroll around the countryside is now one of my favourite ways to relax of a weekend. I suppose we grown-ups end up with too many of the ‘things to do’ I so wished for when I was young, and so all we want is to get away from the to-do lists and city crowds. So that’s exactly what I did this Bank Holiday weekend, and ended up at a lovely little farm which has all manner of adorable animals on show to the public, from ducklings to meerkats. Entry is free, which obviously made it very popular with families, although I’m not sure who was more excited to see the lambs being fed, me or the hoard of hyperactive kids that were there (I admit, it was probably me). I really wanted to steal one (a lamb, obvs, not a child).

My day out on the farm provided me with some great photo opportunities – so many vintage pots, colourful flowers and, of course, ridiculously cute animals. Turns out country life ain’t so boring after all…

Watering Can Flower PotDuckiesVintage Flower PotDucklingCratesCountry PhotographyBlack LambFlower BasketCute SheepSpring FlowersFarm VisitPurple FlowersPretty Farmhouse


2 thoughts on “Farm Life

  1. Lovely pictures! I always thought I’d be a city girl too but love living in the countryside again now I’ve moved out of the big smoke

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