Merchant & Mills Sewing Book


If your style is more normcore than girly girl, you might feel like the sewing world doesn’t cater to you – after all, more often than not, sewing boxes and accessories come plastered in Cath Kidston-esque bright floral prints, and many sewing shops stock endless reams of ruffles, sequins and other fussy trims. Sewing books also often go in for this super-feminine style. Not so, however, in the case of this new sewing manual from Merchant & Mills, who sell sewing notions, patterns and fabrics and are known for their stripped-back, utilitarian aesthetic. Continue reading “Merchant & Mills Sewing Book”


Sewing Like it’s 1972

While I love perusing the glossy images in new sewing books, sometimes the oldies are the goodies – which is why I went straight to Amazon after reading Modflowers’s post on the Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Dressmaking and snapped up a copy for the bargain price of £3. Continue reading “Sewing Like it’s 1972”