Must-Read Online Magazines

Although I love treating myself to a magazine – especially coffee-table-worthy titles like AnOther, Betty and Hole & Corner – there is no doubt that the web is king when it comes to convenience. Nowadays great content can be found at the click of a mouse. Here are my top online picks for a good (and free) read: 

91 Magazine


This cute and colourful mag is published by Patchwork Harmony, which began life as a blog featuring thrifty and vintage-inspired interior design tips before expanding to include an online boutique selling unique homewares from independent designers and vintage finds.

Launched in October 2011, 91 Magazine is an extension of the blog – its pages are filled with stylish homeware buys and simple yet effective craft tips, as well as peeks into the enviable homes of designers and other creative types. This is a magazine that showcases aspirational interiors, yet makes your dream home feel attainable thanks to its do-it-yourself attitude.

Guise Magazine


There’s something rather magical about costumes – perhaps because they evoke childhood memories of playing dress-up. Whether a period drama or a sci-fi epic, costumes are central part of character creation; stand-out numbers like Gatsby’s pink suit, Sarah Lund’s chunky knitwear and Holly Golightly’s classic black dress can take a character from memorable to iconic.

Guise Magazine is aimed at industry professionals working in film, theatre, opera, dance, art, fashion and music, but that’s not to say us normal folk can’t enjoy it too – after all, new film releases and hit tv shows often inspire high street collections. With articles on films both past and present, information on upcoming exhibitions and ‘behind the seams’ interviews, this is a treasure-trove of inspiring posts for fashion and film fans alike.



Quarterly mag Cellardoor has been going strong since 2009 and is a publication that is unashamedly feminine yet isn’t afraid to showcase edgy bands and quirky trends. With strong fashion editorials, celeb interviews, recipes and art, culture and music features, there’s plenty here to keep you entertained on a mid-week lunch break or leisurely Sunday afternoon.

Heart Home 


Warning: reading this magazine may result in feelings of severe envy. Heart Home is filled with beautifully shot images of every style of interior you can think of, from colourful and quirky to sleek and minimalist – and all of them are likely to bring out the green-eyed monster. But never fear, as the magazine also features plenty of tips on how to get your pad looking tip-top.

Launched in 2011 to celebrate unique British interior design, Heart Home champions independent designers and boutiques and features fascinating interviews, top homeware buys and, of course, plenty of lovely photos of impressive interiors to drool over.

Beyond the Camera


While aimed at photographers, we bloggers can find plenty of inspiration in Behind the Camera. Well-shot photos are an all-important hook to keep people reading (and returning to) your blog, and this magazine is crammed with tips and ideas that are sure to help with your next outfit post or travel feature. Behind the Camera is a must-see for bloggers, crafters and creatives, and will make even novice photographers want to dash out and get snapping.

Sister Magazine


Sister Magazine was dreamed up by Berlin-based sisters Toni and Thea in 2012 when they spotted a gap in the women’s magazine market; noticing there was very little around in the way of digital-savvy content for women, they set about creating an online magazine that would feature topics ranging from careers and technology to fashion, lifestyle, traveling and DIY.

Brimming with interesting articles, including interviews, fashion finds, craft tutorials, recipes, health advice and travel diaries, this is a magazine with an admirable combination of style and substance.


10 thoughts on “Must-Read Online Magazines

  1. Interesting! I consider myself a well-read person, both in print and online and I’ve not heard of any of these publications. Will check them out, for sure!

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