91 Magazine’s New Issue

I’ve long been a fan of 91 Magazine – when I first stumbled across it, I couldn’t believe all those lovely articles were available to read for free. As a writer myself, I know how much hard work goes into producing articles like those – the research, the editing, the photography and, inevitably, yet more proofreading, fact-checking and editing – and it’s something that is increasingly being undervalued in a world where free (but not necessarily good) content is readily available online.

So, when the editor announced that she would be charging a mere £2 each issue – or a bargain £7 for a year’s subscription – it came as no surprise to me. In fact, I applaud what must have been a really difficult decision to make; people have become accustomed to reading online without it costing them a penny, so it must be tough to step away from that level of readership, but overall I see it as a brave and much-needed step for online publishing. Writers, editors, designers and photographers deserve to be rewarded for their efforts, and we shouldn’t expect them to produce quality work for nothing – after all, you wouldn’t expect to stroll into a cinema and see a film for free, or visit a hairdressers for a cut and blow-dry without paying for it, would you? So, well done Caroline, and here’s to many more issues of your fabulous magazine.

Anyway, onto the new issue itself. This one features all the swoon-worthy photography, enviable (yet not unachievable) interiors and interesting craft projects we’ve come to expect from the magazine, including ideas for adding stylish copper accents to your home, a guide to seeking out the best vintage goodies, and several mouth-watering recipes that I’ll definitely be giving a go.

It also includes my interview with Lyndsey Goodger, proprietor of the online interiors boutique, Rose & Grey, for the Ladies Online feature (warning: you will want everything on her website).

If you fancy a sneak preview, you can take a peek at the new mag and read back issues on Issuu. Alternatively, you can buy and read the full issue or get the year’s subscription on Magzter.co.uk.

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One thought on “91 Magazine’s New Issue

  1. I love 91 magazine and I am so excited for them to start expanding and growing! I totally understand their need to charge for a subscription and I think it’s a great deal! :)

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