Objets de Désir Pop-up Launch, Bristol

Stumbling across a new and original designer is one of the great shopping pleasures, but it can all too often mean spending hours trawling through the internet to find that dreamed-of gem for your home or wardrobe – no wonder so many shoppers stick with the usual high street brands. Continue reading “Objets de Désir Pop-up Launch, Bristol”


Must-Read Online Magazines

Although I love treating myself to a magazine – especially coffee-table-worthy titles like AnOther, Betty and Hole & Corner – there is no doubt that the web is king when it comes to convenience. Nowadays great content can be found at the click of a mouse. Here are my top online picks for a good (and free) read:  Continue reading “Must-Read Online Magazines”

Sewing Like it’s 1972

While I love perusing the glossy images in new sewing books, sometimes the oldies are the goodies – which is why I went straight to Amazon after reading Modflowers’s post on the Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Dressmaking and snapped up a copy for the bargain price of £3. Continue reading “Sewing Like it’s 1972”